Need to know the knowledge of new coronavirus prevention after resumption of work

Need to know the knowledge of new coronavirus prevention after resumption of work

  • Wednesday, 15 April 2020
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Need to know the knowledge of new coronavirus prevention after resumption of work

First, wear a mask correctly before going out

1 People who work in crowded places are recommended to wear medical surgical masks, and those who work indoors are recommended to wear disposable medical masks.

2 Keep your hands clean when wearing a mask, with the dark side facing outwards, hold the straps on both sides, and put it on your ears. Press the wire on the mask with both hands to make it adhere to the bridge of the nose, which can achieve a good sealing effect.

二 、 Travel Mode

1 It is recommended to walk, ride or take a private car to and from work. If you must take public transportation, you must take personal protection.

2 Under the premise of ensuring safety, try to avoid touching the objects on the car with your hand and keep a certain distance from others.

3 When taking the online appointment, call and communicate with the driver in advance to get on the bus. When you get in the car, choose to sit in the back row, wear a mask all the time, open the windows, and let the air circulate. Do n’t talk to the driver except to communicate in the necessary places.

Before entering the office

1 Consciously accept the body temperature test, you can work in the building when the temperature is normal. If the body temperature exceeds 37.3 ℃, please don't work in the building and go home to observe the rest. If necessary, go to the hospital for treatment.

2 During the epidemic, try to walk when the floor is not high. If you really need to take the elevator, try to use it when there are few people and keep a certain distance from others. After your fingers directly touch the elevator buttons, do not directly touch the mouth, eyes, nose, Wash your hands in time.

3 Wash your hands before work for at least 20 seconds.

24. After entering the office area

1 It is recommended to ventilate 3 times a day, not less than 15 minutes each time, pay attention to keep warm when ventilating, and continue to ventilate and ventilate under conditions that can ensure a suitable room temperature.

2 If possible, keep a distance of more than 1 meter between people, and wear disposable medical masks when working in multiple people.

3 Receiving outsiders wear masks.

4 During the epidemic, try not to have meetings, fewer meetings, and short meetings. Video meetings can be used. If a meeting must be held, the meeting room should be ventilated. Participants should wear disposable medical masks and wash their hands before entering the meeting room. The meeting staff must be at least 1 meter apart.

5 If you need to go out for business, wear disposable medical masks to avoid staying in public places for a long time.

6 If there is an employee canteen in the office, it is recommended to use divided meals to avoid crowded dining. If there is no cafeteria, it is recommended to bring your own food to avoid eating out or taking out food.

7 During the work, you can do some simple and appropriate exercises appropriately and moderately.

25. After returning home from work

1 Change the clothes you wear, and keep your jacket and home clothes separately.

2 Wash your hands with soap and running water in time for at least 20 seconds.

3 Take off the mask and put it in a clean, ventilated bag, or hang it in a clean, dry and ventilated place. Use 75% alcohol to wipe and disinfect items such as mobile phones and keys during work.

26. Regular work and rest

1 Correctly treat the epidemic situation: Obtain epidemic information through the national authoritative information platform, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, and do not panic.

2 Go to bed early and get up early: Facing the epidemic information rationally, keep a calm mind.

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