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What is the name of bong in different parts of the world

What is the name of bong in different parts of the world

  • Saturday, 15 June 2019
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Through the pipeline. Who has "bong"? There are many names and types of equipment for people to use for smoking. One of the most common names is water pipes or "bong" to describe a pipe that uses air and water to filter and cool smoke. In addition, there is a variant of standard audio, such as gravity sound and dual speakers. These are fairly standard names for these smoking devices in the United States, most people probably know, but where else in the world?

Where is the origin of the term "Bong"?

First of all, where does the word 'bong' come from? Its origin is considered to be the Thai word "baung" from Thailand, referring to a cylindrical tube or tube cut with bamboo. One of the first recorded uses of the word Western was the MacFarlane-English Dictionary, published in 1944, which described the meaning of "bong" in Thai, namely "bamboo water pipes." Did the British say 'Bong'? How about in Jamaica? Below are the global names for these water pipes.

Different cultural names of "Bong"

The "bubble" is the name of a small plumbing unit that is compact and suitable for travel. It can do all the big things, but it is much smaller. This is one of the new names for these devices with a modern culture.

In India, the clay tube is called 'chillum'. Many sadhus and professional young people use these devices to extract the products they like. It has disappeared, but has seen a recovery, using chillum is the classic way to enjoy smoking.

The Holy Grail is the generic name for the water pipes used in Jamaica. It usually has a water chamber and a suction tube or hose to inhale the smoke. This is very popular among the Rastafarian culture and youth in Jamaica. The name "Holy Grail" also has the roots of the Bible.

We often hear the word "shisha" when referring to water pipes, but this is a bit different, although it is an ancient pipe, probably the origin of modern drums. The hookah is indeed a water pipe that can be smoked from one or more hoses attached to the main body, but often remains in its own pipe category and usually does not sell more modern "smoke guns". In particular, such pipelines may be one of the original equipment of today's modern water pipes.

Many of the names of these devices exist in the world. They usually refer to water pipes with water-filled chambers, mouthpieces and bowls for smoking. Glass art tubes became popular in the 1990s and 2000s. This expands the vocabulary of these pipes and adds some new devices. It is interesting to understand the origins and different cultures of water pipes in different sub-cultural centers for smoking.

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