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The History and Culture of Hookah or Glass Bongs

The History and Culture of Hookah or Glass Bongs

  • Thursday, 18 April 2019
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In the West, "hookah" is synonymous with the overall shisha we now say. The word "shisha" is mainly used to mean the smoke that has a tobacco smell.

In the Middle East, Eurasia and South Asia, we all know that this is the birthplace of modern hookah, the hookah itself is called “shisha”, and the hookah tobacco is called “Mu'assal”, or “Moassal,” Or "Tombak" and so on. These different names depend on the different geographical locations and diverse cultural history of the hookah.

The Arabs have developed the shisha to the point where they are at their peak. For the Arabs, the smoking squirt is definitely a pleasant experience. Although some people believe that the hookah is introduced to India by Europeans and tobacco, because Europeans see American Indians using tobacco to smoke, this is not necessarily the case. As Alexander pointed out, like the usual pipe, the Turkish long pipe, or the hookah, those who struggle to write the official history of tobacco mention that tobacco originated in the United States and the spread of tobacco use patterns.

Hookah originated in Europe. The view is that Europeans teach Asians and Africans how to smoke, especially through smoke pipes. India is clearly the most powerful contender for the laurel of inventing the hookah, as India may pass the hookah pipe to the Middle East through Iran.

In Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, India, people are now fond of smog. There is a special place for smog, or a smokehouse bar, or a lounge. As soon as the sunset is over, these places are convenient for people who enjoy the time. From the social elite to the public, regardless of the old age of the youth, they are all immersed in it. As a leisure room manager said, the hookah contains less nicotine, the tar is almost zero, and it has less harm to the body. Even if you don't smoke cigarettes and cigars, you can also bring a bag of hookah to keep you tired and refreshed. What's more, the current hookah has more than 20 kinds of mint, apple, jasmine, mango, strawberry, cantaloupe, etc., and various flavors are available. It is said that the most suitable time for smoky smoke is in the evening. Put down the work of the day, with the friends of the three or five, you have to put a bag of hookah, a few cups of coffee, in the mist cover and scent of the smoke, and appreciate the "stolen life for half a day". The cost of smoking water is not much. A nest can only cost from tens of dollars to more than one hundred, so it can be used by several people for about an hour. It's the equivalent of pumping 18 cigarettes, but the toxin is only a few percent of a cigarette.

Regardless of the origin of the hookah pipe, or its numerous names, as we know today, with the advent of tobacco, the hookah pipe has been popular with the public, and since the 16th century, it has become a Middle Eastern coffee shop and tea house. Fixed consumer goods. Cafes and shisha halls are the most important social places. In the street cafes of the shisha restaurant, people who smoked shisha in twos and threes came at the earliest, and some stayed for three or four hours, until late at night. . When the sun's first glimmer of light just shot into the cafe, people who smoked early smoke squatted on the sleepy eyes, lazily surrounded by the fire, and had an addiction before going to work. Many people have their own hookahs in the cafes, and people who pay attention to the matter and pay attention to them carry silver cigarette holders. People sit around leisurely, while chatting with the gods in the north and the north, while you pass the hookah in one bite.

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