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Glass Bong Art: How to Make Glass Bongs ?

  • Tuesday, 09 April 2019
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Blowing glass is a complex trade. Using a hollow steel bar or blowpipe, the craftsman collects the molten glass from the furnace and heats the furnace to 1225 °F. This makes the glass plastic enough for the artist to shape their design. Once the blowpipe forms a sufficient amount of glass, the glass blower will be fully recommended according to the title - blown. The artist blows into the blowpipe, uses a small hole to control the airflow, and shapes the glass as it begins to foam. As the glass cools, it is still strong but malleable, so the blower can be fine-tuned and changed in design.

Blown glass usually forms a bubble and can be formed into any design. The various cylindrical sections of the drum and rod are typically made on a lathe to ensure consistency. If the craftsman is looking for a uniform, straight piece of glass, this is the best way. From there, various other parts, such as ice catchers, filters and decorative features, can be created according to the creator's own preferences, which can add value to the finished product.

Glass blowing as an art form has evolved into a highly respected cannabis related process industry. As the industry develops further, young blowers will find space for innovation and the creation of historical art forms, especially as legalization becomes more common. For companies that have already produced incredible glasses, getting support from the cannabis community is critical. Fortunately, they produce great products that make it easy for us to showcase our support and enjoy our favorite herbs.

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