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Bongs get you higher than joints and pipe? Why?

Bongs get you higher than joints and pipe? Why?

  • Saturday, 20 April 2019
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First, Bong, it allows more smoke to accumulate and inhale immediately.

Using one or smaller bubblers while consuming cannabis, a lot of things happen. The smog produced by burning cannabis contains everything you want, such as THC, CBD, other plant cannabinoids and terpenes, and many things you don't like, such as hot smoke, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), hundreds. Carcinogenic compounds are generally referred to as tars, and fine particulate materials such as ash. With cooling, each time the inhalation, the water (or other liquid) in the drum filters out the ash, otherwise the ash will eventually enter your mouth, for example when pumping joints or pipes. There is also a certain amount of tar filtered from each shot, which is why after a number of uses, the water eventually becomes pathological brown.

Studies conducted in California have shown that filters filter water-soluble psychotropic botanical cannabinoids more than tar and pectin, meaning that users must absorb more cannabis to obtain an effective high concentration because of tar: plants The proportion of cannabinoids is now more tar. AJ Fabrizio, research director at Los Angeles-based medical cannabis company Terra Tech, points out that the amount of plant cannabinoids lost in water is negligible, and many plant cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis have almost zero water solubility. This is why hemp concentrate manufacturers use non-polar solvents such as carbon dioxide to extract plant cannabinoids from plant matter.

Secondly, when people use bong, they can get a larger hit and provide a smoother extraction. And Bongs also tends to maintain a strain of aroma and taste.

Finally, water pipes or pipes can remove 98% or more of the particles, which means that the inhaled smoke is cleaner. One reason is that water becomes annoying, and it absorbs things that enter your body from the smoke. The smoke is also cooled as it passes through the water.

This clean and cool smog allows people to absorb more without coughing, exposing the critical surface area of ​​the lungs to higher THC, making it "higher".

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