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Are Bongs Will Be The Best Way to Smoke

Are Bongs Will Be The Best Way to Smoke

  • Wednesday, 10 April 2019
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When we were asked, is it more healthy to use Fenghui than to use a hookah?  Most people know that igniting a herbal fire does produce certain carcinogens or compounds that may be harmful to the body. However, studies have shown that the use of water pipes (aka smoke guns) may actually be better for your health.

There are many arguments in the smoking community about the answer to this question. Some people believe that water can capture up to 90% of potentially harmful toxins that are produced when burning herbs. If you are not smoking from the water, these toxins will go directly into your lungs. When smoke passes through water, it removes substances and carcinogens that may be harmful to you.

From this point of view, when smoking, the use of Feng, will produce less harmful substances. So how does water filtration work? The smoke spreads in the water and is forced into small bubbles. This is where the smoke cooling really happens, because the surface area of ​​the smoke increases and it cools down quickly. This alone is a huge benefit because it makes your lungs easier to smoke. Some smoke can even allow you to add ice to further cool the smoke. If you use Wu Hao with more filters, you will get better smoke cooling and filtration. Water also helps to filter out butane from the lighter and filter out ash and tar from the smoke. Have you noticed how dirty your water is? All those annoying things are trapped in the water instead of entering your lungs.

In summary, the use of water pipes and smokers may be safer than smoking joints or blunts because the smoke is cooled by water and some of the products of combustion are removed into the water. Cooled smoke is less irritating to air roads. Your squirt and pipe need to be kept clean, because the accumulation of ash is your enemy. In addition, more pure forms of weeds (such as oils and waxes) are consumed because they contain less plant matter. It may be healthier for your lungs, usually with clearer, more pure wax.

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